Photography Oswaldo Cepeda’s dreamlike and surreal portraits

Oswaldo Cepeda’s dreamlike and surreal portraits

Giulia Guido

MoodyDarkRoom, the name Oswaldo Cepeda chose for his Instagram profile couldn’t be more perfect. 
Oswaldo Cepeda is a young photographer from San Diego, California, who started shooting to vent and convey his emotions without necessarily having to use words. 

Then, over time, his style got sharper and sharper and now he specializes in portraits. Forget, however, the classic portraits, where the natural light hits the facial features, those of Oswaldo are, as he defines, moody portraits.

Oswaldo Cepeda plays with the camera and post-production, creating special light effects: the moving bodies of his protagonists draw lines on the dark backgrounds and, sometimes, we recognize only a detail, part of the face or a hand. His portraits are mysterious and the subjects are as important as the technique. 

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But that’s not all, often looking at the work of many photographers we would like to learn more and discover all their secrets, with those of Oswaldo Cepeda it’s possible. The photographer has, in fact, a YouTube channel where he explains techniques and choices, go take a look and follow him on Instagram!   

Written by Giulia Guido
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