Art The importance of reading, the artwork by Eduardo Kobra
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The importance of reading, the artwork by Eduardo Kobra

Emanuele D'Angelo

He started at the age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since. Since then, Eduardo Kobra has painted over 3,000 murals on five different continents.
Famous for his kaleidoscopic murals, which we told you about here, the Brazilian artist uses his art to raise awareness about current issues.

He returned to Sorocaba, Brazil, to create his latest amazing work, delivering a really important message, that of the importance of reading. Because reading is like a game that stimulates the imagination and curiosity and can really change things and have a positive impact on our growth.

Through reading we have the opportunity to learn about new worlds, make new experiences while remaining still in our couch or our bed. So to encourage us, the artist has decided to make an artwork, as always in his style, full of colors, using combinations of different techniques such as painting with brushes, airbrush and spray.

The boy who climbs the stairs to reach a book symbolizes the effort for knowledge – and the steps taken on the way to dreams, life goals.

In his giant last work precisely as you can guess from his description, you see this child intent on climbing the stairs, seeming to rummage through all the books, looking for the right one.

An enormous and very long work, but collective as Eduardo Kobra has defined it. Each book depicted in fact is not random, they were in fact chosen by his followers who in a few hours have suggested thousands.
Among all the books recommended later he has chosen about 150, because it was almost impossible to think of including them all.

A complex artwork, deep and thought out, that leaves us with a question: “what will be the next book you read?

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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