The cinematographic shots of Oliver Takác

Federica Cimorelli · 3 years ago

The cinematographic shots of Oliver Takác are magical moving images. Looking at his colorful art it’s like living inside a movie, among imaginary stories written by someone else, in opaque and chimerical places.

Oliver makes light the protagonist of his works, it expands, illuminates, reflects and creates unique and extraordinary games.
His shots are at the same time imperceptible and distant, intimate and delicate, radiant and fragile. 

We had the chance to talk a bit with him about photography, life and art.
Here is the interview, enjoy the reading.

Hi Oliver, tell us something about yourself. Where did you grow up?

I was born in Košice, Slovak Republic, I am 29 years old and I study cinematography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. 
I like cinema, but photography is still my first great love.

How long have you been working in the world of photography? Tell us your path.

I do photographs for about two and a half years, it is not a long path. I just do what I feel is right and not what I think others want. I don’t create to become famous. I am happy with myself and with what I do and that’s all I really need.

Which artists and photographers have influenced your work?

Nobody. I have a lot of ideas for pictures inside my head, so why should I take inspiration from someone? 
First of all, I should realize what is inside my head and maybe after I could look around for inspiration.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to consider while shooting portraits?

Be honest, don’t copy. There is nobody like you. 

Describe your photographic style. How did you develop it?

I developed the ideas I had in my head. I think that if you don’t have basic ideas to start, you won’t create your own style and everything will just be the result of a series of accidents.

How important are light and colour play in your art?

You know, everybody asks me questions about my use of light and colour, but nobody understands why I use it in my works. 
People like my photographs not only for the light, the colours and the cinematographic style, there is much more than that. It’s something you can only feel, it’s impossible to describe it.

What kind of tools do you use for post-processing?

Nothing special, I use Adobe Photoshop. Anyway, I think that, first of all, the most important thing is to take good pictures. The photograph before post-processing is 90 % of the work… maybe even 95%.

What kind of gear do you use?

For film I use a Canon EOS 33, for digital shots a Canon EOS Mark 3.

Continue the sentence: for me photography is…

Nothing. I know that people now want to hear why and maybe there is not a reason. 
For me, the most valuable things are to feel good and be happy by my own, because I did not feel that way in the past. The same I would like to see in my brothers and sisters. 
Am I an inspiration to someone? I have a quite controversial opinion on this point. I think that, as a creator. I should not say thank you in return. 
I do my works naturally and it is really weird for me to say thank for this. Just thank you for what? 
You should say thanks for being your inspiration to me and I should reply your welcome. 
That is right. Nothing more nothing less. 
Anyway, its only art.

Words by Federica Cimorelli

The cinematographic shots of Oliver Takác
The cinematographic shots of Oliver Takác
The cinematographic shots of Oliver Takác
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