Photography Street photography by Paola Franqui aka Monaris

Street photography by Paola Franqui aka Monaris

Giulia Guido

Faces that populate the city, profiles illuminated by car lights or the cold light of street lamps, tired faces, lost faces, faces in love, glances that look at the city from behind the window of a bus or taxi or from the windows of cafes and restaurants. Paola Franqui photographs the soul of the metropolis, the people who live in it. 

Of Puerto Rican origin, Paola Franqui, known on Instagram as Monaris, now lives in New York, where her passion for photography was born and changed her life. Paola never considered a career in photography, which is why she enrolled at Rutgers University to study law. Then, however, her hobby began to intrigue several people who were fascinated by her shots. 

New York turned into the perfect place to cultivate her passion and the dozens and dozens of people she met and crossed on the street became her subjects. Paola Franqui is a real visual narrator who tells us stories of life through the faces she photographs. This is the most fascinating aspect of her art, the moments of ordinary everyday life, the ones we no longer pay attention to, like a trip on the subway, a coffee at the bar, a lunch break or waiting to catch the bus, as soon as they are captured by the lens of Paola Franqui’s camera they become magical moments.

Paola manages to capture the extraordinary in everyday life and routine and her photographs show how much beauty and how much life surrounds us every day, just knowing how to see it. 

“I hope for people to go beyond their senses with my images, as I wish to evoke emotion behind the lives that people lead.”

We have selected only a few shots of Paola Franqui, to find out more visit her website and not to miss her next works follow her on Instagram.
Written by Giulia Guido
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