Photography Federico Sorrentino’s Analog Croatia

Federico Sorrentino’s Analog Croatia

Un viaggio socio-culturale quello del fotografo Federico Sorrentino in Croazia, per andare oltre allo stereotipo da turista
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The title is Attimi Sospesi, and the project is a true reportage by photographer Federico Sorrentino on the Croatian coast. A critical and reflective immersion through analog shots and a tailored narrative approach, Sorrentino offers a unique look at the authentic beauty of this region.

Attimi Sospesi stands out for its search for spontaneity and authenticity in a tourist context often stereotyped. Sorrentino, a photographer active between Europe and the United States, has a particular interest in portraiture and the stories that emerge from daily details. Sorrentino’s technique, which includes darkroom printing, is capable of creating timeless images that capture fleeting yet significant moments. This approach reflects the influences of the great masters of photography, evident in the compositions and the ability to convey emotions through the image.

It’s not just an ode to visual beauty but also an exploration of identities and human experiences behind each shot. Sorrentino delves into the social and cultural fabric of summer Croatia, offering a critical yet empathetic look at a place often idealized. Through this project, Sorrentino invites the audience to reflect on the ephemeral nature of beauty and the importance of seizing the fleeting moments that make life extraordinary. His photography, besides being a visual document, thus becomes an emotional and intellectual narrative that stimulates awareness and appreciation for the world around us.

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