Patrick Nelson’s vintage collages

Patrick Nelson’s vintage collages

Giulia Guido · 2 years ago · Art

Time and again we have talked about paper artists who are able to create masterpieces with simple sheets of paper, from Kanako Abe’s delicate cutouts to Ayumi Shibata’s paper cities. Patrick Nelson also falls into the category of paper artists, but he differs from all his colleagues precisely because of the raw material he decides to use for his works. 

While we often see artists working with sheets of tissue or coloured cardboard, the Californian artist has instead turned his attention to paper from old vintage newspapers, which are delicate and difficult to handle. Patrick Nelson is not only attracted by the type of paper, but also by the fonts and images that appeared in newspapers at least 60 years ago. 

After a long search for vintage newspapers and magazines, Patrick plays with typefaces and illustrated advertisements and overlaps different layers of paper to create landscapes that recall and celebrate the West Coast, the summer atmosphere, half-empty swimming pools, surfers ready to ride the wave and bathers reading the newspaper. 

Sometimes he also decides to change the colour of the paper and so, before assembly, he goes through a careful colouring phase with inks and watercolours, always trying not to cover the text and not to ruin the pages.
This step allows him to base the composition on a contrast of lights and shadows and to alternate similar colours with different intensities. 

We have selected just a few of his works, to find out more visit his website and follow Patrick Nelson on Instagram

Patrick Nelson’s vintage collages
Patrick Nelson’s vintage collages
Patrick Nelson’s vintage collages
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Rhythmic and melancholic dance in Nanda Hagenaars’ shots

Rhythmic and melancholic dance in Nanda Hagenaars’ shots Contributors · 1 week ago · Photography

Life, like a river, flows with its own rhythm, carrying us on a journey filled with both tranquility and turbulence,” explains photographer Nanda Hagenaars. “In moments of calm, we are embraced by the gentle currents, as if floating effortlessly through the passage of time. It is during these moments that we find solace, and our spirits are uplifted by the serenity of the waters. However, calm waters can transform into turbulent torrents, unsettling our footing and leaving us questioning our purpose.”

With these words, Nanda Hagenaars (1988) provides us with a glimpse into her perspective on life, offering insights to understand her photographs. Hagenaars captures these ebb and flow of life through her lens. Her work can be described as poetic, intuitive, and emotional, driven by the desire to translate her feelings and emotions into images. The concept of time and timelessness has led Nanda to focus on black and white photography, a choice that adds depth and timelessness to her art.

Connection Skins

For Nanda, the camera is more than just a simple tool; it’s a symbol of transformation. It has helped her see life in new ways, much like looking through her lens has shown her fresh perspectives. She believes in using photography as a means to grow and discover herself. “It’s not always easy to see things differently, but I make an effort to do so,” she says. This philosophy is reflected in her practice. She doesn’t just see the water; she also sees its reflection. This way of seeing extends to everything she captures, always in search of new compositions, eager to unveil hidden beauty. Nanda plays with light and shadow, creating a dance that is both rhythmic and melancholic.

«Just as the river carves its path through the landscape, so do the challenges we face shape us. The trials and tribulations, the moments of uncertainty and doubt, they all contribute to our personal evolution. They teach us resilience, patience, and the art of adaptation. We learn that life’s true beauty lies not in the absence of obstacles but in our ability to overcome them. And as we continue along our journey, we learn to trust the flow of life, knowing that, just like the river, we are forever evolving, forever moving forward.»

In Nanda Hagenaars’ world, each photograph is a reflection of this philosophy. With her lens as a guide, she invites us to join her in exploring the intricate twists and turns of the river of life, finding meaning and beauty in every shot.

Nanda Hagenaars will present one of her shots at the Photography exhibition at the Matalon Foundation in Milan from Sept. 22-24, 2023.

Rhythmic and melancholic dance in Nanda Hagenaars’ shots
Rhythmic and melancholic dance in Nanda Hagenaars’ shots
Rhythmic and melancholic dance in Nanda Hagenaars’ shots
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Motherhood captured by Wendy Symons

Motherhood captured by Wendy Symons Contributors · 1 week ago · Photography

Wendy Symons, a self-taught Dutch photographer, embarks on a profound journey through her lens, capturing intimate moments of motherhood without any filter. Wendy Symons possesses a remarkable ability to perceive the beauty in everyday moments, those small and delicate details often overlooked by the frantic pace of life. Her photography is a heartfelt exploration of the human experience at every stage of life. However, it’s the early motherhood experience that holds a special place in Wendy’s heart. She approaches it with an honest and intimate lens, revealing the profound bond between a mother and her child.

Inspiration flows to Wendy directly from nature itself. The healing power of the natural world influences her work and often becomes the muse for her next shoot. Through her lens, Wendy finds solace and inspiration, effortlessly merging the worlds of art and motherhood. Wendy Symons’ style is a testament to authenticity and the raw essence of life. She relies exclusively on natural light to capture genuine moments in their full splendour. This choice infuses her work with a warmth and truthfulness that makes each photograph an unfiltered window into the lives she documents.

One of Wendy’s extraordinary projects is Art Mama, in which she merges her two worlds, the artistic and the maternal. In the midst of the pandemic, she embarked on this introspective journey, diving into her life as a mother and artist. Wendy’s photo diary paints an intimate portrait of her children and herself as they deal with the complexities of motherhood during turbulent times. Her images are a reminder that the journey of motherhood, although unpredictable and chaotic, is a shared experience that unites us all.

Wendy Symons will present one of her shots at the Photography exhibition at the Matalon Foundation in Milan from Sept. 22-24, 2023.
Courtesy Wendy Symons

Motherhood captured by Wendy Symons
Motherhood captured by Wendy Symons
Motherhood captured by Wendy Symons
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Valentina Sergi has a clear idea of what eternal love is

Valentina Sergi has a clear idea of what eternal love is Contributors · 6 days ago · Photography

Valentina Sergi (1997) is a fashion photographer with a passion for pastel colors, bold contrasts, and the vibrancy of images. Her professional work has led her to photograph a variety of subjects in exclusive locations, and her photographs have become a constant presence in many well-known fashion publications. However, what truly sets Valentina Sergi apart is her ability to craft an emotionally compelling narrative through the lens of her camera. Colors, the interplay of light and shadows, patterns, people’s hands, the warmth of an embrace, places steeped in nostalgia, and the hidden stories behind a wrinkle are all elements that Valentina Sergi seeks to capture in order to create a pure aesthetic composed of images that oscillate between the real and the surreal.

The A-Mors Series: A Deep Exploration of Love

One of Valentina Sergi’s most significant projects is the series titled A-Mors. This series delves into the theme of love in a profound and provocative manner. It revolves around genuine love, a love that has been eagerly anticipated, yet so strong that it overcomes the fragility of a tender heart. The intriguing wordplay in the title, where “A-Mors” appears to derive from the Latin “a-mors” (without death), underscores the eternity of this sentiment. In this series, Valentina Sergi explores the concept of an eternal love that transcends temporal boundaries. Her photographs capture moments of passion and affection, while simultaneously evoking a sense of transcendence.

Sergi’s works are emotional and surreal, with a strong conceptual underpinning. Valentina understands that photography is not merely the recording of an objective reality, but rather the presentation of stories, concepts, and worlds as she perceives them through her personal experiences, culture, and sensibilities.

Her connection between cinema and photography is evident, and this cross-pollination of the arts allows her to bring innovation to her work. The photographer leaves us with a famous quote by Vincent Peters, who states, “A photograph is not just made with a camera; it is brought to the act of photography with all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

Valentina Sergi will present one of her shots at the Photography exhibition at the Matalon Foundation in Milan from Sept. 22-24, 2023.
Courtesy Valentina Sergi

Valentina Sergi has a clear idea of what eternal love is
Valentina Sergi has a clear idea of what eternal love is
Valentina Sergi has a clear idea of what eternal love is
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Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto

Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto Contributors · 5 days ago · Photography

In the series Delle Delizie Tarantine, a tribute to the city of Taranto, its history, and its hidden beauty, we find Luca Imperatrice behind the lens. A photographer active in the fashion world, Imperatrice also pursues personal projects like this one, aiming to portray his more personal side. This series draws inspiration from the 1771 Latin work by Tommaso Nicolò D’Acquino, celebrating the city in all its splendor, often concealed by the obscurity of time. The history of Taranto blends its ancient past and myth, a story seemingly destined to fade into oblivion. However, in Imperatrice’s project, Taranto is brought out of the darkness and comes to life in the photographs of Luca Imperatrice.

In the series, Imperatrice’s shots become a kind of guardian of Taranto’s history. Each image is a vivid memory of the city’s past, a testament to the extraordinary offerings of this land. Through Imperatrice’s lens, Taranto is reborn in a new light, and its neglected beauty becomes visible to all.

Each shot is a journey through time, an invitation to explore Taranto’s millennia-old history through the unique perspective of Imperatrice, who seeks to capture the essence of the city. Thanks to the images taken by Imperatrice, Taranto reveals a mythological and imaginative side waiting to be discovered by all.

You can find more projects from Luca Imperatrice here is his Instagram profile.

Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto
Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto
Luca Imperatrice revives the myth of Taranto
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