Art JonOne’s street expressionism on show in Milan
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JonOne’s street expressionism on show in Milan

Giulia Guido

After almost three years of absence from our country, JonOne is ready to return to Italy next month with his solo exhibition Vibrations at Wunderkammern in Milan

JonOne, born John Andrew Perello, was born in New York in 1963, spending his adolescence in the Harlem district where he soon began to sow his tag, Jon156, on the streets, walls and trains. 

Shortly after his twenties he moved to Paris, where he still lives and works today, and his graffiti began to be considered true works of art by critics, and the canvases he began to create found their way into art galleries and exhibitions. 

A master of street expressionism, JonOne creates works with the aim of disorienting and surprising the viewer, who finds himself in front of explosions of colour that hypnotise and completely capture the eye and the mind. 

For Vibrations, the artist has created a series of new canvases that combine the art of graffiti with abstract expressionism and – as the title of the exhibition suggests – will make those who view them vibrate from within. 

It is impossible to remain indifferent in front of the works of JonOne, who manages to transform the energy of life into works of art. 

For all information on the days and opening hours of the exhibition, visit the official Wunderkammern website

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Written by Giulia Guido
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