A playlist for the Nos Primavera Sound

A playlist for the Nos Primavera Sound

Aurora Alma Bartiromo
Una playlist per il Nos Primavera Sound

The Primavera Sound has just finished and everyone comes back from Barcelona, ​​but there is still someone who prefers the Nos, the younger brother, in Porto.
Standing from this side, I prepare my suitcase and train my ears.


With this playlist:

Cigarettes After Sex K

To fall in love with the first sight.

Run The JewelsCall Ticketron

A video game with a rap taste to face any challenge – from Tetris‘s suitcase open to the floor to the race to the Gate – with the right verve.

JusticeSafe and Sound

On landing: a nice relief sigh and a stack to get off the plane ladder.

Arab StrapThe First Big Weekend

3-2-1 ready to go. Faster and faster, there is a great weekend just around the corner.

Flying Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar – Never Catch Me

Feeling like Di Caprio in “Try to Take Me”.

Bon Iver – 33 “GOD”

God exists and is called Bon.

Nicolas JaarThree Sides of Nazareth

Dying and rising. Dying and rising again. Dying and rising again.

First Breath After ComaDandelions

After being dead and rising three times, you have to slow down and take a long breath.

Sleaford ModsB.H.S.

We rested enough. The right rhythm, more or less for everything.

SwansKilling for Company

A trip to a gallery that never ends.

King Gizzard & The LizardsRattlesnake

Obsessive thoughts and rattlesnake.

Hamilton LeithauserA 1000 Times

To think about a person that is not in that crowd.

Richie HawtinNo Way Back

Deep without a return. For those who still love getting lost.

Aphex Twinaisatsana [102]

Standing on the ground with the eyes on the sky, hoping to glimpse at least one or two stars.

ShellacRiding Bikes

To pedal with the mind.

Death GripsBubble Buried In This Jungle

Super nasty. For not to be afraid of anything, not even about beer line.

Weyes BloodDo You Need My Love

To fall in love after two or three days, even with tired eyes.

TychoA Walk

When you do not understand anything and you do not even care.
To travel: if it’s a departure or an arrival no longer matters.


Written by Aurora Alma Bartiromo
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