Art Anne-Christine Roda’s hyper-realistic portraits

Anne-Christine Roda’s hyper-realistic portraits

I ritratti iperrealistici di Anne-Christine Roda |

Those of Anne-Christine Roda are not only perfect reproductions of female faces and bodies. That doesn’t seem to be what interests you. Rather, her meticulous care seems to want to give us back an image of humanity, vital and melancholic.

Her work seems to go in a completely different direction from the hyperrealism of the 70s derived from pop art, from the cancellation of subjectivity. What transpires is in fact a precise individuality, intimate nudity. Each brushstroke seems to want to prolong the frozen instant, making us savor every nuance, every little expression of its subjects.

The accuracy of the details of each of her works becomes a celebration of uniqueness, an emotional tribute to imperfection.

Written by Buddy
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