The Guestbook: our interview with Rahul Ghanekar

Rahul Ghanekar is an Indian photographer who has focused his artistic research on portraits, which do not disdain the fashion universe. Inspired by that vein of photographers who combine subjects with naturalistic backgrounds, Rahul represents women with elegance, simplicity and a dreamlike touch.

Us at have asked Rahul a few questions about him and his work:

When did you take your first picture? Did you immediately realize that this was what you wanted to do in your life?

Firstly when I joined Instagram I came across so many Photographers and watching their pictures just made me think that I should try this someday and there I saw picture of sunset and silhouettes so i just took my cell phone and started shooting pictures chasing sunsets and i used to love doing that!

Later I started exploring new places and would just shoot on the phone. After some years I got my own camera and I just started trying different genre’s of Photography and now I’m doing mostly Portrait Photography where I can “portray emotions”.

 Who is your favorite photographer?

@alessioalbi is my favourite Photographer & inspiration, I just adore his pictures, styling,colors and the way he uses the light.

How is your every project born?

I come up with new projects By getting inspired from Netflix Series and there are so many! Observing them carefully and getting ideas from there and sometimes from Pinterest. 

Why did you share exactly these images with us?

Because the images I have chosen tell of the emotions, lights and shadows I love to photograph.

C’è un’immagine nella storia della fotografia che ha influenzato il tuo stile o che avresti voluto realizzare?

Yes, when I started taking pictures I was inspired by this photographer @bryanadamc: I can’t choose a single image because there are so many that I love, especially portraits.

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