Art The relaxing animated illustrations by Raj Jeshang

The relaxing animated illustrations by Raj Jeshang

Giulia Guido

The winter is still long, but there is always someone thinking about summer. Weekends at the beach or in the mountains, warmth and doing nothing. If there is anything that I connect directly with summer, it is those quiet moments when I am lying on a sun bed, on a lawn or sitting on a terrace, watching the world, which like me seems to need a break.
The cool summer breeze caresses the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the beach towel hanging out to dry on the parasol. Imperceptible movements in harmony with my mood.
Illustrator and visual artist Raj Jeshang seems to have a soft spot for all these suspended moments and captures them in simple drawings that he brings to life. 

Raj Jeshang was born in Tanzania and after studying animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design he opened his own studio in Brooklyn, where he now lives and works, collaborating with clients such as Origins, Bumble and Bumble, NEST Fragrances, Topix Skin Care and Philosophy.

Raj Jeshang’s style is straightforward and essential and fits perfectly with his favourite subjects: ordinary everyday moments that often go unnoticed. The artist not only notices them, but turns them into art allowing everyone to see and enjoy them. 

We have selected just a few of his works, but follow him on Instagram so you don’t miss the next ones. 

Raj Jeshang
Raj Jeshang
Raj Jeshang
Written by Giulia Guido
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