Photography Robert Götzfried’s lonely bowling alleys

Robert Götzfried’s lonely bowling alleys

Giulia Ficicchia
Le solitarie piste da bowling di Robert Gotzfried |

There was a moment in history when instead of spending the free days immersed in binge-watching in a catatonic mood, you’d meet in the bowling alleys. Beer streams, chips, burgers, happy families, we all remember this pictures thanks to the countless American films that have not failed to include similar scenes among their frames.

Even in Europe, the tradition was particularly strong until a few decades ago: in Germany, bowling is called “Kegeln”, but in a version with smaller balls and shorter slopes, which still exist in the country. Dedicated to those in southern Germany, photographer Robert Götzfried has produced a series of photographs to tell these old bowling alleys in their current silence and architectural beauty. Vanishing point, bright colors, different materials describe places that have lost popularity but not their charm.

Maybe one day there will be a new desire to spend Sunday afternoon in one of them.


Written by Giulia Ficicchia
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