Romance, falling in love according to Jean Pierrot

4 April 2019

Romance is the name of the first photo book by the Slovenian photographer Jean Pierrot, who demystifies the process of falling in love.

What is the first photographic book by the Slovenian photographer Jean Pierrot about? Romance, this is the title of the project, represents a visual reflection on the theme of falling in love with an aesthetic and nostalgic poetics.

Jean’s analogs represent sensual portraits and delicate close-ups that have the task of “demystifying an intimate process that we all unwittingly undertake at least once”, or being in love. Although his work is very aesthetic, the artist tries in some way to get closer to give a rational explanation to what, simply, can not be entirely divided and dissected in an analytical way.

You can buy Romance’s self-produced publication here.

Romance, innamorarsi secondo Jean Pierrot |


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