Art Sarah Kamada’s sneakers

Sarah Kamada’s sneakers

Anna Frattini

The Instagram profile of Sarah Kamada, which we have been following for a while now, revolves around the world of sneakers and illustration. Two of our favorite topics, which in her case, present the world of tênis (tennis shoes, hence sneakers in Portuguese) differently from the usual, without unboxing. @umtenispordia – Kamada’s username – aims to post and thus showcase a pair of sneakers a day. In short, there’s a bit of everything: from Mizuno to classic Nike, all highlighted with Kamada’s distinctive style. For those of us who don’t speak Portuguese, it’s still easy (and perhaps even challenging) to decipher the descriptions that accompany each shoe’s story.

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Who is Sarah Kamada

Somewhere on her Instagram profile, we find a brief bio that outlines Sarah Kamada’s journey. She is specialized in Industrial Design and describes herself as an illustrator and long-time sneaker enthusiast. Her unique way of showcasing sneakers stems from a desire to uncover the story behind each shoe, its history, and the details that make it legendary. But there’s more, including posts dedicated to characters from TV series or movies. For instance, there are posts about the sneakers favored by characters like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Dr. House.

Sarah Kamada’s collaborations with major brands (and beyond) in the sneaker world are marked by meticulous research and attention to detail, resulting in consistently impressive outcomes. Iconic is the post dedicated to the AirMax Tn Plus Tiger Style, but one of our favorites is also the one featuring the New Balance 1906 rosa (for those who love distinctly girly sneakers) or the post on curiosities dedicated to the classic Timberland boot. There are also the Samba shoes designed by Grace Wales Bonner and many more. In short, Sarah Kamada’s profile is a treasure trove to be explored, day by day, sneaker by sneaker.

Written by Anna Frattini
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