Art The special cans with initials produced by Dr Lemon

The special cans with initials produced by Dr Lemon

Emanuele D'Angelo

Dr Lemon, a well-known Argentinean alcoholic beverage company, has collaborated with the BBDO agency to create a special version of its famous cans. The design is typical of a normal can but contains a small but at the same time big difference.

In the new cans produced will in fact be available an alphabet printed along the top and a small arrow on the opening tab.
This means that you can mark the first initial of your name.

The initiative was born because of the pandemic and especially to make parties with friends safer.
Of course it is still not allowed to go back to party all together, but when it will be possible the Argentine company has already advanced its solution not to confuse cans and glasses with those of our friends.

The system designed is very simple, when you open your Dr. Lemon can you just mark your initial. Surely, you careless people, you will never lose your cocktail again, but you will avoid the possibility of drinking from your friend’s can, thus excluding a possible contagion.

A simple but ingenious initiative, waiting for you to get back to partying, as you once did, all together.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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