Art Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden
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Spidertag and the new neon mural in Sweden

Giulia Guido

In these last months several categories of workers have found themselves forced to stop and among them certainly stand out the artists who for a long time had to put a brake on their creativity, on the desire to achieve something. 
Now, very slowly, the situation seems to resume its normal course and creatives all over the world can go back to making art. Among them, there is certainly Spidertag, who after a stop of 9 months, has returned to illuminate the streets with his neon murals from Sweden. 

In the last few days, the urban art festival “Take Tomorrow Back” took place in the town of Söderhamn and, among the artists involved, Spidertag did a lot of talking about himself with his Interactive Neon Mural #9

Since 2015, the Spanish street artist has made his way into the international art scene thanks to the discovery of a material that set him apart from all others: battery-powered neon cables.

Spidertag models the cables at will, placing them on entire facades of often abandoned buildings and then, at night, when each of them is illuminated with a different color the magic begins. 

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Artstreet art
Written by Giulia Guido
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