Strangers, the new Bob and the apple’s video
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Strangers, the new Bob and the apple’s video

Emanuele D'Angelo
Bob and the apple |

Strangers is the new track and video by Bob and The Apple, taken from Wanderlust I-II, the EP recorded between Abbey Road Studios in London and the Magister Recording Area and Fishbowl Studio (Treviso) under the guidance of sound engineer Ricky Damian.

The psychedelic-rock band released a preview video of the song released in 2019 to, with the help of French motion designer Riwad Salim.
It took months and months of preparation, Sara Quijano, illustrator who collaborated with the band, made about 6 drawings for every second of video, which lasts more than 5 minutes.
The elegant and sensitive line of the artist from Medellín is particularly highlighted in the video animation that accompanies the music.

It’s one of the songs we’re most fond of among ours, both because we put more attention in the nuances of the arrangements and in the game of references between guitars and synths and because it was born in a period of strong transition in which each of us was forced to face life choices.

The video began to take shape in late spring 2019, in Paris, and with Riwad Salim and Sara Quijano, they began to imagine a scene of everyday life, simple in its materiality but crowded with questions – without definitive answers – that often arise in moments of change.

Now we leave it to you to make a first judgment on this wonderful video, to immerse yourself in the chaotic world of “Bob and the apple”.

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Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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