Style The “fishing” collaboration of Supreme and South2 West8

The “fishing” collaboration of Supreme and South2 West8

Andrea Tuzio

Supreme just unveiled its fishing-inspired collaboration for Spring 2021 with South2 West8.

Owned by NEPENTHES, South2 West8 founded in 2002 and headquartered in Hokkaido, Japan, is led by Kaname Nagaoka and is a brand that places as inspiration for its aesthetics to a typical Japanese fly fishing technique called Tenkara, whose literal translation is “from the sky”. Starting from this heritage, the collaboration with Supreme is a set of garments that form a clothing projected towards the function and utility thanks to the use of technical fabrics typical of South2 West8.

Key items include the River Trek Jacket, matching pants and Jungle Hat, the Bush Parka and matching vest, the Mesh Game Bag, Tulip Hat and balaclava, as well as a barbed-wire version of the South2 West8 signature fleece jacket and matching belted pants. The barbed wire graphic motif continues on the Circle Horn Longsleeve tee.
A co-branded fishing pole could not be missed.

The collaboration between Supreme and South2 West8 for spring 2021 will be released on Thursday, April 22nd on the New York skate brand’s webshop.  

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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