Style Telfar’s revolution

Telfar’s revolution

Anna Frattini

«This Telfar bag imported» sings Beyoncé in her song Summer Renaissance propelling us into her wardrobe and also mentioning brands like Balenciaga, Prada and Givenchy. However, Telfar bags had already taken the fashion world by storm long before Beyoncé’s endorsement, earning the title of “Bushwick Birkin”. This combination juxtaposes the expensive Hermès bags with Brooklyn’s coolest neighborhood. What is behind this success? Why is Telfar, to this day, one of the most intriguing brands in the market?


Let’s start from the beginning. In 2005, Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens founded the brand in his apartment in Queens, specifically in LeFrak City. Clemens’ intention was to tell a different story and build a new idea of style, starting from a socio-cultural revolution, all under the slogan Not for you — for everyone. Since 2005, the brand has showcased its collections in nightclubs and museums, launching the famous Telfar Bag in 2014, which reached the height of its success in 2020, during the pandemic. Although the brand produces more than just bags, all made from vegan leather, genderless, and at an affordable price, the bags are always sold out.

Telfar owes its success to many factors, from collaborations with famous brands to its innovative pricing method, and the recently concluded Bag Security Program that went viral in 2020. Through this program, customers were able to secure the desired product, which would then be delivered within approximately three months. It was a truly innovative method, as was the new pricing tool that increased the bag’s price starting from the wholesale cost and gradually raised it over time, at a rate of one cent every 20 minutes—resulting in $10 or $20 more each week. The brand’s most notable collaborations include UGG, Moose Knuckels, and Eastpak, but the myriad of celebrities spotted with Telfar bags has also contributed to the brand’s success.

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Is the era of the Birkin, the embodiment of luxury as we know it, perhaps coming to an end? Will Telfar—vegan and embodying a genuinely inclusive approach—conquer the market? Certainly, the innovative pricing approach and the Bag Security Program are flipping our perception of sales and reshaping product distribution for the brand. It’s a revolution that cannot be ignored, and we hope it will lead to even more exciting developments in the near future. At this point we can only wait for Telfar’s next move.

Written by Anna Frattini
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