The Lift, the most beautiful spot you can watch this week

15 March 2019

The Lift spot for the BIANCO footwear brand is a little masterpiece that will make you laugh, cry and think. Watch it now!

We can now say that advertising has become an art in all its aspects. Small and large brands increasingly rely on creative agencies able to find yet another brilliant idea to advertise their product. The commercial I want to talk about here is The Lift, for the footwear brand BIANCO, a brilliant video to say the least. 

Throughout the video we follow a boy and a girl who meet in the elevator. Based on their thoughts they seem made for each other, but it’s these that stop them from talking to each other. 

That told is a beautiful love story that, despite everything, we all experienced, why admit it, how many times did you fall in love with a person met by chance, for a minute on the subway or in a store? 

Don’t hope that I reveal the ending, because it is absolutely to be seen. 


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