Any Creative Form | Aurely Cerise

Giulia Pacciardi

The protagonist of the latest episode of Any Creative Form, the original documentary series produced by Studio and Loft Films, is Parisian art director, set designer, photographer and paper artist Aurely Cerise.

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Any Creative Form was created with the aim of investigating contemporary creative culture to fill a gap created by the new content distributors strongly focused on another type of product.
Do you think that our project can become a starting point for brands, streaming platforms, and entertainment giants? 

I think that it’s really interesting to see the backstages of an artist, to see the creation process, the artist’s personality.
For brands, I think it could help them to identify common values and communicate in a different way, more authentic. For streaming platforms and entertainment giants, I think it could be interesting for people to discover other artists, and bring inspiration.

In our documentary, you told us about your work and your passions, how the world of social media and in particular of Instagram has changed your life?

Everything started on Instagram! I am entirely self-taught (former pharmacist) and I wanted to discover new materials ( painting, paper, drawing), then I started to post my first creations on Instagram and I received support from people, I don’t know, all around the world. It was a real motivation for me.
A few years ago, I never thought I could be an artist one day, I even didn’t have this in mind. Instagram helps me to desacralize the world of creation and pushes me to try, fail, learn, try again. Then I started to have my first clients orders who saw my work on Instagram. Today almost all my orders or projects come from people or brands who see my work on this social media platform.

How does your approach to creativity change when you have a camera or a piece of paper in your hand? Are there things in common or is the process completely different?

I think there are things in common because when I work on a piece of paper art, or on a paper installation I imagine it in a photographic way. Maybe it is because I do both: paper art and photography, I always imagine my paper art in order to be photographed. Then, I work with the same colors in photography and paper art.

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