The Overground, when we look at our cell phones, we miss the spectacle of life around us.

Giulia Guido
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For Make Music Day, the English company Spitfire Audio commissioned the animator Kate Isobel Scott to produce a video that treated the theme in an original and entertaining way. That’s how The Overground was born, a one-minute animated choir set on a subway car.

While commuters are watching their mobile phones, a boy follows the rhythm of the music and starts dancing. But no one notices it.

Simple, direct and true. How many times have we found ourselves in the same situation? Not that of dancing in the subway, but that of making an entire journey looking at the phone, leaving the world out of our minds. Kate has been thinking about how much we get lost when we isolate ourselves in the social world and has built a fun and powerful short film.

So, take your eyes off the screen… but only after you’ve watched The Overground.

Rewatch That Yorkshire Sound HERE.

Written by Giulia Guido
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