The Simpsons are moving from Springfield to Russia

Giulia Guido
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The Simpsons‘ is perhaps the intro that has been remade several times in the history of television shows and by now we should be used to everything, but the one signed by Lazy Square and published on YouTube is unprecedented.

Lazy Square, Alex’s stage (or web) name, has decided to set the theme song in the farthest place, literally and figuratively, from Springfield: Russia.

The characters, of course, are the same, but they have adapted to this new situation. Bart is a drug addicted kid, Omer is a big tattooed hormone, Marge is bad and irritable, Lisa can’t be free to express herself and play her sax. The sofa remains the same, always there in the living room, which despite the years that go by always manages to make us feel a bit ‘in the family.

Because the house of the Simpsons is the home of all of us.

Written by Giulia Guido
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