Any Creative Form, Studio and Loft Films first docu-series

Giulia Pacciardi
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Any Creative Form is an original, six episode, documentary series, each featuring a young international artist. A journey through the world of six rising talents and their new forms of expression as well as a meditation on artistic creation and its fruition in the digital era.   

The resulting films are six sumptuous and poetic pieces that document the compelling skills of the artists and their ambitious journeys; always different and yet with so much in common, despite being set in different parts of the globe.

Any Creative Form is an independent TV project, born out of a collaboration between Studio and London based production company Loft Films. A much coveted partnership, years in the making, that marks the culmination of a great friendship dating back to one evening in the autumn of 1996 – but that’s another story.    

An ambitious project from the outset, due to the distances involved, the self financed model and diluted production schedule, built around commercial commitments, our objective has always been to promote contemporary creative culture and chart its mutation, driven largely by the advent of social platforms, through the stories of artists who found notoriety and affirmation thanks to new ways of communicating with their audiences.  

By shining a light on their diverse yet juxtaposed profiles and experiences, spanning the globe, we have tried to tell our own story; our passion and the thing that and Loft Films share at their core – a DNA that has its roots in 21st century popular art and its innate ability to communicate digitally.   

We’ll let our partner in crime, Creative director of Loft Films, and my personal friend of 25 years, Mr Daniel Fazio, tell us a bit more about creating the series.

Hi Daniel, first of all tell us about Loft Films. When was it founded and what do you guys do?

Loft Films was born in 2015. After years working as a freelancer internationally in the fields of producing, directing and cinematography I felt the need for a creative home. A physical place, as well as a metaphorical one, to build projects, nurture talent and develop collaborations such as ours, joining the dots between all the ideas, experiences and contacts picked up along the way.
We create short cinematic narratives with a focus on the documentary aesthetic and often opting for serial formats. By telling a collection of short stories we try to evoke the bigger picture of an idea, a scene, a brand, a sentiment.
From the world of art to industry, passing by music and sport, we like to identify the core of every story we tell and then develop the best form communicate that message – sometimes it’s a series, sometimes a short film, sometimes an ad, sometimes a promo.
Often our projects have a commercial element and in such cases, we work with agencies or brands directly. Other times they are born out of an editorial collaboration or might be self-produced.

We are currently developing several projects for Cinema and Tv, which is a natural progression for us!

We wanted to join forces for a long time and this year we finally managed to work on a number of projects together but our readers may not know about our shared background. I’m trying to keep things formal here; would you like to tell the story of how you found yourself collaborating with Studio?

We’ve known each other since we were fifteen. We were into skateboarding, hip hop, graffiti, cinema and art. It sounds ridiculous but we met in the streets and it was there that we developed culturally. Between a freestyle battle and a writing session, from Sicily, we dreamt of America or maybe even just Milan.
And years later we left looking for fame and fortune. I went to London you went to Milan.
Throughout the years we would tell each other about our perspective lives and during several msn, the Skype and finally whatsapp sessions we always said we would work together on something one day. Then social media came, and that really is another story. But finally two years ago we found ourselves talking about the fact that we both would have liked to make a series of films about the protagonists of art in the era of digital transformation.
So Any Creative Form came to light as a project that would combine’s ability at identifying digital art trends and Loft Films’ expertise in producing films internationally. Meanwhile we we also collaborated on a cinematic music video for Jon Lui and Don Said and a branded content piece for Barilla working with Domenico Romeo…and Roger Federer!

In regards to ACF, what was your creative approach? How di you work with each individual artist?

Form the beginning my idea was to create sort of impressionist portraits that would be a bit more like to a poem than an essay. I wasn’t so interested in telling the artists’ CV’s chronologically but rather in capturing their creative personality and creating an atmosphere that would evoke their own voice and personality.
In each case I spent some time getting to know the artists personally, researching their work and observing their natural habitat to capture those impressions to translate into each video.
My objective then became to portray their point of view, differentiating each video aesthetically while letting my own style and sensibility inform the overall style of the series.

What did you try to capture In each interview?

I always ask people I interview: Why do you do what you do? My main concern is always to identify the initial impetus to create and the ways of thinking or feeling, that make people express themselves in a specific way. With each of the six films I wanted to answer that very question

What did they all have in common and what what distinctive about each artist?

I think they all have in common a kind of obsession towards their work. A inbuilt need to express themselves through their art or to simply spend most of their time practising their discipline to just feel alive and well. I think they would all keep creating even if nobody was to ever see their work.
The result of this dedication is that they have built their entire lives around creativity. And the other thing they have in common is that they all have really cool homes.
To pick up their differences you just have to look at their work. Some are colourful and light, others more serious and dark. The lines are sometimes hard and penetrating in other cases soft and rounded; same goes for they subjects which go from nature to oriental mysticism, passing through hip hop, buddhism and design sustainability. Each is an individual with unique personality and their art is often a mirror of their character.

What other projects are in the works for the collaboration between Loft Films And

We would like to continue with Acf; possibly a second series or maybe we will expand the format and adapt it to TV.
Then we have a new series I the works which focuses on personalities from the world of music.
We are also developing a narrative project which is still in its infancy where we’ll work with a screenwriter, actors etc – can’t say any more about that.
Finally, we have several commercial projects on the horizon, where we will be telling some brand stories through creativity.

Any Creative Form, la prima docu-serie firmata Studio

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