Any Creative Form | Uttaporn

Giulia Pacciardi

Any Creative Form is an original documentary series, produced by Studio and Loft Films.
Each episode tells the story of one of the leading exponents of contemporary creative culture.
The fourth protagonist is Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew, one of the best-known and most admired Thai artists of the new generation.
We met him some time ago and, in addition to everything he told us in the documentary, he also told us about his next exhibition “ตาฝาด: Reality as it isn’t” which will open on July 20, 2019, at the Arts Center in Subhashok and will remain open until September 15.

He also spoke about this huge exhibition, which took two whole years, in the interview you can find here.
Don’t miss anything to learn more, good vision and good reading.

Any Creative Form was created with the aim of investigating contemporary creative culture to fill a gap created by the new content distributors, strongly focused on another type of product.
Do you think that our project can become a starting point for brands, streaming platforms and entertainment giants?

I am not familiar with this area but I think any forms of artistic promotion is always good, it’s important to make more people know the artist’s works and understand the deeper meaning behind the surface.

Is there a project like ours in your country? If so, what are the similarities and differences between them?

We have some artistic collaborations in the luxury shopping malls, they provide the avenues and opportunities for artists to collaborate with brands in public spaces. I guess in Thailand we communicate more in physical spaces, a big part of modern Thai society is centered around the market places and shopping.
We also have online platforms, obviously, but most of our interaction with brands is done in popular public spaces.

You told us that through your work you always try to communicate some of the values of Buddhism. What are they and how do you do it?

As in my previous exhibitions, the figures in my work are based around members of my family; in this case those who share their external struggle with life’s uncertainty. This struggle with confusion and perceptual importance in life’s situations is displayed through the structure of these works. The works’ airy nature leaves space for contemplation on finding a common sense between the audience and the artist. These realizations disseminated through the work are connected to the teachings of the Lord Buddha. If the changes of society today were consciously understood, they could create a balance in the future mind. The teachings of Buddhism are very meaningful and important to my life. Life is more than being born, decaying, and dying. Life is finding happiness in the midst of the suffering to make meaning from that which has no point. This can culminate in the form of a projection that can result from the fruits of the karmic seeds that we plant. In Buddhism this is referred to in the teachings of “vipaka” and “sankhara”; the maturation of that which has been brought together, the creation of our own reality. Even if unfortunately the creation of realities has led many of to bewilderment.


Produced, Shot & Directed by Daniel Fazio
Edited by Ethan Salley
Artwork: Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew
Produced by Studio & Loft Films

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