“Crystal Dolphin” by Engelwood, the new animated videoclip

Federica Cimorelli

Impossible not to know and hard to ignore, Engelwood‘s “Crystal Dolphin” has become a smash hit in no time, breaking every rule and reaching over 100 million online streams.
Its social presence, however, was not quite as good, and the song’s sonic popularity spiralled out of control. Until a few weeks ago, the only video of the song on YouTube belonged to a fan of the artist and was simply an unofficial edit of the song.

Finally, a few days ago, Engelwood released the official video clip and surprised all his supporters with a not-so-subtle collaboration. Ardhira Putra, a unique Indonesian artist, was called in to take care of the visuals, illustrations and animation.

Ardhira’s work on “Crystal Dolphin” lasted over 5 months and involved the creation of a lively and fascinating pop animation. Inspired by the connection of music between current and past generations, and connecting the different technological media that have been used to date, the artist created a seductive animation where the music comes to life and takes a journey into reality.

The style chosen for the images is inspired by retro Asian aesthetics and is characterised by careful attention to detail and colour. What are you waiting for? Turn up the volume, click play and enter a mesmerising world where anything is possible.

Have a good listen.

Written by Federica Cimorelli
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