“Friends”, an unlikely friendship, the animated short by Florian Grolig

Federica Cimorelli

To be able to build a strong friendship with someone, you have to be able to overcome every difficulty together. Most of the time, the more challenges and obstacles a relationship throws at us, the more it can make us grow and teach us something. Think about it: have your most important relationships survived difficult times? And which of the other’s flaws have you been able to accept?
“Friends”, the latest animated short by artist Florian Grolig, published online these days in The New Yorker, tells us about an unlikely, troubled and complex friendship that takes a lot of work to survive.

The protagonists of the story are two very different beings: a tiny man and his giant friend. Their daily life together is certainly not a walk in the park and their disproportionate differences often lead them to question everything around them. After a few misunderstandings, mistakes and arguments, however, a true friendship only proves to be such if it can survive in extreme circumstances.

With a simple, light-hearted narrative and an amusing, playful aesthetic, Florian Grolig takes a universal situation to the extreme. “Friends” is a hyperbole of life’s difficulties and a film with a powerful underlying message.

Enjoy the viewing.


Direction, artdesign and script by Florian Grolig
Animation by Julian Vavrovsky, Florian Grolig, Nadya Fedotova and Dina Velikovskaya
Sound design by Christian Wittmoser and Tobias Boehm
Re-recording by Tobias Boehm
Music by Thomas Hoehl
Big Voice by Christoph Steinau


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Written by Federica Cimorelli
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