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“Francesca,” the Diesel commercial for the Pride Month

On the occasion of Pride Month, Diesel has decided to celebrate the freedom to live the way you want and the freedom to choose who to be with “Francesca“, a surprising and fascinating short film.

Created by Publicis Italy, the video tells the story of Francesca – born a man – as she learns to live in her new body and pursues an unexpected dream. The path that leads Francesca to find, to find herself is the same one that brings her closer to faith and that will give her the strength to pursue a dream that seemed unattainable.

At the end of her journey, and also of the video, we will see Francesca give up her unfailing Diesel Jeans for something more important to her.

The short film not only addresses the issue of transgender rights but clearly shows how each of us should have the chance to be who we really are, without anyone hindering our race towards happiness.

Renzo Rosse, the founder of Diesel, commented as follows: “I’m very proud of “Francesca” and the Diesel values that inspired this story. When we created the slogan “For Successful Living” many years ago, our thinking was the same as it is today. Individuality, pride and the power to live the way you want is the greatest success you can achieve in life.”

Author: Silvia Serreli
Art direction: Mattia Mingardo
Director: François Rousselet
Actress: Harlow Monroe

“Francesca,” the Diesel commercial for the Pride Month