Patta presents the short film “Ladri di Patta”

Andrea Tuzio

Patta has made and released a short film to celebrate the first year of life of the Milanese store of the brand born in Amsterdam in 2004.

“Ladri di Patta”, this is the title of the short-film that mixes Patta’s soul, made of sneakers and street culture, with the essence of the city of Milan and Italy combining streetwear aesthetics with neorealism to tell the story of a boy, his father and a pair of sneakers.

The references to the cultural movement born and developed in Italy during the Second World War are evident, the title is a tribute to Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 masterpiece “Ladri di biciclette” that won the Honorary Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1950.

Commenting on the launch of the short film, director Victor D. Ponten said: “If you ask anyone from Amsterdam what Patta means, they’ll point at their sneakers”.

The project replaces the party that the Dutch brand was planning to organize to better celebrate Patta Milano‘s first birthday but was then forced to cancel due to the pandemic that saw Milan become one of the most affected cities in the world.

“It was inescapable, but we were here before and we will be here after”, says co-founder Guillaume Schmidt.
“The same counts for the things we are proud of. We are proud to be able to do what we do in Milan. Our voice will be heard and presence will be felt”.

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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