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“Heterochromia iridum”, an optical phenomena short film

“Heterochromia iridum” is the title of the astonishing short film by Russian designer and visual artist Rus Kahasanov. His hypnotic work makes use of pareidolia, a subconscious illusion that causes human beings to see known shapes and objects where they are not physically present.
Using inks and colored liquids, Rus Kahasanov visually recreates the intricate patterns of human irises while referring to heterochromia iridum, the common condition of those with different colored eyes.
To the tune of Pavel Zhigarev‘s composition, this short film blends shapes, colors, swirls and tones and experiments with the visual complexity of the human eye. 


Video by Rus Khasanov
Music by Pavel Zhigarev


Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Heterochromia iridum”, an optical phenomena short film