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“Good Intentions”, a short film about guilt

When guilt overtakes us there is little we can do, everything stops, anxiety takes over our lives, hinders all rational judgment and immobilizes any action. From the outside, we may appear to be at peace with ourselves, but inside our bodies, there is an ongoing war going on.
It is not easy to explain in words the power of the paralysing emotions that come to life inside our heads, but for this, there is Good Intentions, a short stop-motion film that shows it very well.

Good Intentions is the graduation project of Anna Mantzaris, a Swedish filmmaker and animator and former student at London’s Royal College of Art.
This short film tells the story of a woman, a hit-and-run driver, who, after fleeing the scene of an accident, loses control of her life because she cannot stop thinking about what might have happened to the other driver. Soon strange things begin to happen, and the protagonist’s guilty conscience slowly becomes a shadow of her former self, devouring and immobilizing her.

Mixing humour and terror, Anna Mantzaris tells how facing the ugliest truth can be a far better way out than falling back into obsession and distressing thoughts.
After premiering at the BFI London Film Festival, Good Intentions has been screened at over 130 festivals and won numerous film awards around the world.



Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Good Intentions”, a short film about guilt