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“Icebound”, an animated short film on Peter Freuchen’s missions

Peter Freuchen was a Danish explorer, anthropologist, writer, journalist and filmmaker who lived most of his life in Greenland with the Inuit, a small Arctic population. If you don’t know his story, the animated short film “Icebound” is for you as it reveals one of the incredible adventures of his life.

Created by animator and creative director Drew Christie, this widescreen animated short depicts the episode in which Peter Freuchen, sent on a dangerous rescue mission, becomes trapped in an ice tomb.
“Icebound” goes into detail and illustrates the ways the explorer invents to save his life and the sacrifices he makes to overcome difficulties.

Hand-drawn and coloured in Photoshop, this short film perfectly captures the desolate atmosphere of the place and describes, through images and sounds, the feelings of a man left alone in the frozen tundra.



Written and Directed by Drew Christie
Music and Sound by Spencer Thun
Animation by Drew Christie
3D modeling by Daniel Victor
Produced by Kalakala Animation


Words by Federica Cimorelli

“Icebound”, an animated short film on Peter Freuchen’s missions