No, I Don’t Want to Dance!, how dangerous dance can be?

Giulia Guido
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If you believe that now, thanks to technology and security systems, every potential danger has been identified, you are mistaken. Italian director Andrea Vinciguerra in his last work entitled No, I Don’t Want to Dance! highlights all the dangers that can be caused by dance.

That sounds almost ridiculous, a joke, but Andrea, with the help of a super team of animators, has created a stop motion video (and the first of his career), divided into small episodes, which shows, with perfect use of black humor, how much damage can cause the dance.

But the dance is not only dangerous, because sometimes if you are not well aware, it can also kill. Well yes, have you never thought about the fact that a person who frantically shakes his arms to the rhythm of the music, as well as dancing, could also try to free himself from a bee?

That’s why the director himself reminds us:

“Blindly following other people’s “movements” may lead to catastrophic consequences.”

Of course, this advice can be adapted to anything else, but we leave you free to play No, I Don’t Want to Dance! freely.

Written by Giulia Guido
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