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The Catalan Castells, symbol of humanity and union

Digging deep into the culture of a country you can discover extraordinary things, such as the Castells, from the Catalan “castles”, a tradition typical of the Spanish region, but sometimes remains unknown.

Hundreds and hundreds of men, on the occasion of festivals and special occasions, one on the shoulders of the other, give life to human towers. No one is excluded, no matter if you are a man, woman or child, no matter if you are rich or poor, during the construction of the Castells there are no social differences, each is unimaginable, like the bricks of a wall.

It is a combination of balance, physical strength, courage, but also fear and tremor. The Castells are the mirror of a perfect society, in which everyone is worth as much as the others, demonstrating that if you have a solid foundation you can get to touch the sky.

The documentary by James Worsley and Pedro de la Fuente, from the Autobahn production studio, returns all the energy that the Castells are able to release.

The Catalan Castells, symbol of humanity and union
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