Once upon a time…love, love is not an American love story

Giulia Guido
once upon a time love | Collater.al

Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever tried that stomach grip that doesn’t let you breathe? That feeling that there is nothing more important than the person you love? If you know then that love, the real one, is not like that of romantic comedies, but it is much more similar to roller coasters. Once upon a time…love, the short film by Jérémie Cot, takes us to the discovery of the relationship between Sam and Eva, which aims to be like that of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many other films, but, instead, turns out to be normal, which does not mean ugly, sad or overwhelmed, but simply normal.

With moments of passion, romantic moments, but also those of tension and confrontation, because love is not an American love story!


A film by Jérémie Cot
Product by Cuuut and Middlemen Films
With Guillaume Gouix and Esther Garrel


Watch No, I don’t want to Dance! HERE.

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