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“Selfish”, a short against the pollution of the oceans

“Selfish” is the short film by Chen, PoChien that wants to make us think about the amount of plastic in our beaches, in our sea. The short film tells the story of human beings consuming delicious seafood, but marine animals suffer for the garbage we produce. We not only eat them, but we also make their living environment poisonous and miserable.

A chef notices a group of special guests, after serving everyone perfect first and second courses of fish, decides to serve them a variety of signature dishes.
So the poor marine animals find themselves in front of bottles of detergent, straws, and lots of other plastic.

The short film has traveled around the world and won several awards such as the “Best Animation” in the 2020 Borrego Springs Film Festival, the “Best Animation” in the 2020 Ocean City Film Festival, the “Best Animated Micro Film” in the 2020 Oregon short film festival.


“Selfish”, a short against the pollution of the oceans