The art of Stefano Colferai meets UNIQLO

Giulia Pacciardi

To celebrate the first anniversary of UNIQLO‘s Milanese store, Stefano Colferai, plasticine and motion artist, worked on a workshop and a limited edition tee both related to one of the most beloved aspects of Japanese culture.

Stefano, who started as a self-taught experimenter with both plasticine modeling and animation, can recreate with his hands stylized reproductions of sneakers, food, and pop culture characters that have influenced his life.

His “Plasticine Art Workshop” will be held on September 23rd in the UNIQLO store in Piazza Cordusio and you can participate by registering HERE.

 For this occasion, he has created a kit thanks to which it will be possible to create a sculpture in plasticine linked to the world of Japanese cuisine, his great passion, which can then be animated in stop-motion.

 All the participants of the workshop will also receive the Limited edition tee made by him for the occasion, a second tribute to Japanese cuisine, and its ancient tradition made of manual skill, simplicity, and geometric shapes.

Sign up for the workshop and do not miss any of the events scheduled to celebrate the first year of UNIQLO in Milan, you will find the entire calendar of events HERE.

Written by Giulia Pacciardi
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