Wander in Porto, all the beauty of the Portuguese city

Giulia Guido
WANDER IN PORTO | Collater.al

Gathering information about Porto, the Portuguese city, the aspect that fascinates the most is that since its foundation, under the Roman Empire, it has never been defeated, besieged or invaded. Porto has withstood thousands of years of wars and geopolitical changes that have affected Europe. For this reason, it bears witness to a unique history. Director Lee Hang Gab, during his trip to the city, began to capture with his camera glimpses and attractions of the place, making Wander in Porto.

The video is a short journey, which inevitably makes you want to leave everything and leave. Have you ever been there?

Music by Nils Frahm
Directed by Lee Hang Gab

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Written by Giulia Guido
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