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Where do ideas come from? Nexus Studios’ short film reveals it!

Where does the idea behind a film, an illustration, a project or a work come from? That’s what we always ask ourselves because knowing that is a bit like a magic trick being revealed.
To launch the second edition of the shots awards The Americas – one of the awards in advertising – the organisers turned to the creatives at Nexus Studios to create a short but impactful spot. 

So director Laurie Rowan wrote and directed “It’s A Messy Business“, a 3D short film that tries to answer the question “Where do your great ideas come from?”. 

You’ll never be able to imagine where they come from. 



Written & Directed by: Laurie Rowan
Producer: Rebecca Archer
Executive Producer: Judy Hill
CG Lead: Andy Spence
3D/2D Generalist; Mark Davies
Character Designer: Laurie Rowan
Design: Hugo Beaurepere
CG Modelling & Texture: Andy Spence & Jonathan Vuillemin
Storyboards: Laurie Rowan
Rigger: Niko Rossi
3D Animator: Edwin Leeds
2D Animator: Christina Nerland
CG Lighting: Andy Spence
Compositors: Dalvir Matharu & Luke Hardisty
Studio: Brains & Hunch
Sound Design: Ieva Vaiti
Music: Tom Haines
Producer: Becca Laurence
Voice Artists: Sean McLoughlin & Alexa Joyal

Where do ideas come from? Nexus Studios’ short film reveals it!