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“Ahead” by Ala Nunu, feeling incomplete in a relationship

In a love relationship it is important to take care of the other person, especially if the other is going through a difficult time, but one must also remember that for every step forward one must wait for the right moment. Who is incomplete is not necessarily always ready to be “fixed”. So how can this be done?
These are the thoughts behind “Ahead”, the animated short film by Ala Nunu, a young animator and art director part of the international film production cooperative COLA.

Ahead” tells a simple but compelling story, the love affair between two people, one complete and the other incomplete. The animated short follows the couple through a series of everyday scenarios and looks at the problem from a dual perspective, that of the person experiencing the discomfort and that of the person sharing it.

Not having a head makes the protagonist feel incomplete and any attempt at help and support only seems to make things worse. The need to go beyond fears also leads to separation and shows the inability to act and react.

Ahead” is a short film without dialogues set in an intimate and surreal world full of colours able to evoke universal emotions and atmospheres. It is a work that encourages reflection on relationships and on the mutual need for support. Ala Nunu made it during the first year of his Animation course at the Royal College of Art in London.

Watch it here.


A film by Ala Nunu
Music by Natalia Czekała and Krzysztof Guzewicz
Sound design and mixing by Edward A Guy
RCA & COLA film


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“Ahead” by Ala Nunu, feeling incomplete in a relationship