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“In Her Boots”, an animated short talks about senile dementia

Kathrin Steinbacher is an Australian filmmaker, illustrator and animator, founder – together with Emily Downe – of Studio Desk, an award-winning animation studio based in London. Before founding her agency and after completing her studies, Kathrin made a short film for her final animation exam at the Royal College Of Art in London. The final thesis project is entitled “In Her Boots” and tells a sweet, challenging and funny story.

“In Her Boots” is an intimate and personal short film, a unique work of animation that tells the story of a special relationship between Hedi, an elderly woman with senile dementia, and a pair of old, worn-out walking shoes. These shoes are important because they are deeply linked to a memory that has not yet been forgotten and represent an important moment in the protagonist’s life: her youth. Even if they are dirty, worn out and unusable, they are a precious object and getting rid of them would mean letting the disease win.

Kathrin succeeds in telling this story perfectly because in those details and feelings she finds the same situations experienced by her grandmother. Her visual and aesthetic style evokes the rough and confused emotions of the protagonist while penetrating deeply into a subject that is little addressed in mass culture.
“In Her Boots” seeks to explore the preconceptions people have about the disease and meanwhile hopes to show that despite the onset of the syndrome, a person can still feel like an active member of society.

“In Her Boots”, an animated short talks about senile dementia