Style Yu Nagaba’s illustrations for UNIQLO and the Louvre

Yu Nagaba’s illustrations for UNIQLO and the Louvre

Andrea Tuzio

Over the years, Japanese fast fashion giant UNIQLO has consolidated its close relationship with the art world. The announcement of the four-year partnership with the Louvre Museum last year is just the confirmation of a trend that has involved the entire fashion world in a transversal way. From the big fashion houses, to streetwear brands, up to the big chains, art is assuming an increasingly incisive value in the strategies of the brands. 

It was news last night that UNIQLO and the Louvre Museum announced a new partnership with a three-way collaboration with Japanese contemporary illustrator and artist Yu Nagaba


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Nagaba, in addition to having created a hand-drawn logo for the Louvre x UNIQLO collabo, has re-imagined according to his style made of simple lines, cartoony authenticity and minimalism, the most important and famous works kept and exhibited in the Parisian museum – there are over 35,000 – including the “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci and the “Astronomer” by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. 
These reinterpretations also playful in their simplicity, go to decorate and embellish the classic UNIQLO tees and a set of dishes, at least this is what we have been shown so far.

But who is Yu Nagaba, the Japanese artist involved in this collabo?

Nagaba was born in Tokyo in 1976 where he grew up and studied. He enrolled at Tokyo Zokei University, a private university based in Hachiōji founded in 1966 by Yoko Kuwasawa (1910-1977) , artist, stylist and design journalist. Nestled in a forest just a short walk from Aihara Station, this college offers its students a 4-year course of study dedicated to art. Yu graduated with a degree in Design and his work ranged from magazine collaborations, book cover designs, advertising and of course partnerships with fashion brands.

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In his career he has already worked with brands such as ASICS, G-SHOCK and BEAMS and has created illustrations for RIMOWA, Technics, Spotify, Universal Music and Monocle, gaining appreciation both at home and internationally. The ability of Yu Nagaba is to tell beautiful stories through his immediate style making us rediscover the beauty of simple things, a gift that especially in a historical moment like the one we are living, represents an enormous wealth.

The Louvre x UNIQLO x Yu Nagaba collaboration is expected to be released on January 31 but we will keep you updated. 

Written by Andrea Tuzio
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