Photography The Victorian self-portraits of Iness Rychlik

The Victorian self-portraits of Iness Rychlik Contributors

The faceless self-portraits of Iness Rychlik are symbolic, twisted and rare. Her shots seem to provoke the viewer, they never fully reveal themselves to the eye of the beholder, but they hide and imply with caution.

Compressed by the laces of her corsets, Iness’s ceramic body bears the marks on her skin. The trace of the tightly fitted and bandaging clothing invokes feelings and uncomfortable sensations of constraint and discomfort. 

With a style dating back to the Victorian age, her photographs seem to tell the dark side of fairy tales without an happy ending: they are erotic and enigmatic tales.

Hers is certainly not an easy art, no doubt what Iness represents seems to help her get all the emotions and discomfort she feels out of her head.

Hers is a delicate and cruel tale of existence that must be observed and interpreted personally. 

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Words by Federica Cimorelli

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