Vinilica vol. 81 – Palazzi D’Oriente

Vinilica vol. 81 – Palazzi D’Oriente

Emanuele D'Angelo

Today we talk about Palazzi D’Oriente, the solo project of Luca, producer, composer and founder of 72-HOUR POST FIGHT .

Last week after a nearly two-year silence since the first EP “morgengabe” in 2018, that had received so much critical and public acclaim, he returned with a new single.

Titled “Flux101”, it is the result born from the collaboration between Palazzi D’Oriente and Italian-Australian artist Rebecca Salvadori.

The track is a stream of sounds and distortions, stretched and delayed vocal samples traveling through a buffering server. This production is
energetic and meditative at the same time, the desired and researched result is one and only one and recalls a common territory of Palazzi and Rebecca’s work: the club.

As always, exclusively for Mag, Palazzi D’Oriente has created a playlist for us, putting together all of his songs from 2020.

Every year-end among friends we like to summarize the music we listened to during the year, and also this year, despite the brutality of the period, some good music came out (and a lot!). I made this playlist for you friends who listen. They are almost all songs released in 2020, they have kept me company in recent months bringing me in the mood I’m in now, which all in all I thought worse.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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