Wakayama, hidden Japan in Lance Henderstein’s photobook

27 August 2019

Lance Henderstein is an American photographer who traveled for 3 years to Wakayama, Japan, in an attempt to evoke the place and its people through photography. 

Inspired by the 1998 project of photographers Magnum Peter Marlow, Chris-Steele Perkins, and Elliot Erwitt, “Wakayama”, the book by Detroit photographer Lance Henderstein is an authentic portrait of the city located in the northern part of Wakayama Prefecture, near Osaka.

Of Wakayama, a still exotic area of Japan, Lance had the opportunity to visit the most inaccessible places and managed to create, in 3 years, a true photographic story about the life and culture of the place, starting with a reportage of February 2016 made during the Oto Matsuri fire festival.

Currently, the book by Lance Henderstein, who lived in Japan for 10 years and then moved to Milan, is on Kickstarter and will remain there until Thursday, September 5.
To support the campaign click HERE, in the meantime enjoy some of the shots that you will also find in “Wakayama”.


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