Spotify spot celebrates who stays in the car to listen to a song until the end

27 August 2019

Years go by and many things change, but staying in the car until the end of a song will never go out of style, even in the Spotify era.

It’s a strange feeling, a personal satisfaction, a moment we carve out for ourselves. I’m talking about when we arrive at our destination with the car already parked, we decide to wait for the end of a song before getting off. It’s a habit that we all have in common, a legacy of those years when there were no aux or Bluetooth cables and when they gave the radio your favorite song everything went into the background. We were willing to keep our boyfriends, friends, and doctors waiting to hear it until the last chord. 

The last spot by Spotify shows how, although times have changed, waiting for the end of a song with the engine switched off and comfortably seated behind the wheel is still a widespread habit. 

In the 80-second video entitled “Let the Song Play” we see several people who, in order to sing all of Sia’s Elastic Heart, make their soccer buddies, grandparents or the valet wait. 

The commercial is part of the For The Ride campaign and was created to promote new playlists designed specifically to be listened to in the car, such as “Your Daily Drive” which includes a mix of songs, podcasts, and news. 

If after all, this is not understandable the message of Spotify the message will take care of the claim to clarify things definitively: 

“The best thing to happen in cars since the stereo.” 

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