Photography “Walking Through Wuhan” by Fergus Coyle

“Walking Through Wuhan” by Fergus Coyle

Emanuele D'Angelo

Before ending up in the news all over the world Wuhan, it was relatively unknown to the West, a city in China, the capital of Hubei Province, located at the confluence of the Blue River and the Han River.
Now it is sad to think that it is only remembered as the source of an epidemic that has affected the whole world.

The British photographer Fergus Coyle, has decided to share again his series of photos entitled “Walking Through Wuhan“, taken years ago, with the intention of making the city known for its beauty. An extensive portrait of the city, representing its natural warmth, but juxtaposed with its imposing architectural landscape.
The British artist’s photographs enhance a broader portrait of Wuhan; they are the most detailed and silent shots that seem particularly relevant now. Away from the city’s main tourist attractions, such as the Yellow Crane Tower or East Lake, later in the series, Fergus Coyle shows us Wuhan’s personalities.

A city with a larger population than Berlin, Milan or London. “Every corner you turn there is a beehive of activity“, he describes, indicating the remarkably sociable nature of its inhabitants, its “strong culture of eating out” in restaurants or markets, or simply how busy the streets are, full of “cars, motorcycles and endless yellow rental bicycles that end up in huge piles at their delivery points”.

Through these photographs, I hope that viewers can take a moment to take an unbiased look at Wuhan, away from the mainstream media“.
The photographer hopes that, at this point, his series of photographs will evoke an alternative view of Wuhan, a place where he looks forward to returning as soon as possible.

Written by Emanuele D'Angelo
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