Art Zerocalcare’s series on 17 November on Netflix
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Zerocalcare’s series on 17 November on Netflix

Giulia Guido

It’s been almost a year since Zerocalcare announced his arrival on Netflix with a TV series. Since then, we haven’t heard from him, some may have forgotten, others may have continued to write to the cartoonist in DMs or in the comments of his Instagram posts.

Today, as always without the shadow of a warning, the official trailer for the series has finally arrived, which will be titled Strappare lungo i bordi.
In classic Zerocalcare style, we see his comic book version giving us the news, while also revealing something about what we’re going to see: “It’s all a story about a complicated journey we took with Sarah and Secco, with a lot of things in between that seem unconnected and aren’t really… it’s just a question of when it comes out“.

We don’t actually have to wait for the release date, because that has also been revealed. “Strappare lungo i bordi” will be available on Netflix starting November 17. Watch the trailer below!

Artpop cornserie tv
Written by Giulia Guido
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