10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 4 months ago · Music

Beck – Uneventful Days

Blood Orange has directed the Beck’s new video for the track Uneventful Days. The surreal clip also stars Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson and Alia Shawkat, showing in its moodboard and storytelling the unique aesthetic of Dev Hynes.

Divino Niño – Plastic Love

Maybe it was better when the Divino Niño used to share some animation videos, because after their latest visual for Plastic Love we will always be afraid of our massage therapist.

Blu Samu – GFM

How wonderful Blu Samu is.

Tyler, The Creator – I THINK

Tyler, The Creator showcases his vulnerable and romantic side in the new video for I THINK. Self-directed under his Wolf Haley moniker the clip finds IGOR searching for the object of his affection in a club and (SPOLER) ending in a room where some models are posing for photos (including none other than Kendall Jenner).

Arlo Parks – Sophie

Few artists like Arlo Parks know how to instill such tranquility. So if you need to calm down, come here.

Tei Shi – Alone In The Universe

After the previous stunning video with Blood Orange, the new Tei Shi’s video finds herself alone in the universe (anyway, she is able to shine more than the other stars).

Zack Villere – Sore Throat

Zack Villere is comfortable with his sore throat as well as with his relaxed guitar riffs. He’s going to release his new album but in the meanwhile let’s take a ride to the suburbs on a motorbike, covering the neck with an ugly scarf to avoid a sore throat.

Banoffee – Tennis Fan ft. Empress Of

Banoffee has teamed up with Empress Of for brand new pop single Tennis Fan. The accompanying video is directed by Quinn Whitney (Lizzo – Juice) who shows “how strong friendships can make anything unkind feel unimportant and trivial“.

Tim Atlas – Tangerine

‘Tangerine’ was written about someone that may go under the radar, usually understated, but can actually be the most interesting, beautiful person in the room. I also learned a choreographed dance, which is a huge feat, because if you know me, I’m a below-average dancer.”
Tim Atlas s exactly that kind of beauty. But now that you’ve noticed, you absolutely can’t underestimate him.

Rex Orange County – 10/10 | A Take Away Show

Just to remind you that County’s new album Pony is out today. Press play and dream.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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10 videos you need in your life this week

10 videos you need in your life this week

Claudia Maddaluno · 4 months ago · Music

Blood Orange – Dark & Handsome (feat. Toro y Moi)

The top ten column starts with another stunning video directed by Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. Like many other Hynes clips, the accompanying visual for the track Dark & Handsome (feat. Toro Y Moi) uses filters like VHS, square ratio or 16mm to achieve a vintage and warm taste. The clip features a Toro y Moi’s appearance via phone screen.

Smino – Trina

This video includes some Versace shirts, sparkly chokers, animalier printed swimsuits and a pink car. So, basically, all the things I need to live.

Michael Kiwanuka – Solid Ground | A COLORS SHOW

What’s the Xanax compared to Kiwanuka playing a vintage Rhodes in this live for Colors?

Willie J Healey – Polyphonic Love

We really love this red-haired guy from Oxfordshire because he always gives us some good pop gems. Polyphonic Love is our latest glimpse into his forthcoming EP Hello Good Morning out on the 15th November. Did someone said “Lennon”?

Easy Life – Nice Guys

Guests of a fictional Christian talk show focused on the theme of abstinence, Easy Life offer a dirty performance wearing sparkling suits form the 80s. The lowest point of the clip is when a naked Donald Trump gets on the stage shouting from the microphone.

Oklou – Forever

A couple of days ago, the French producer Oklou has released the new single Forever, accompanied by a Roxanne Gaucherand directed video that invites us to familiarize with insects.

Thom Yorke – Last I Heard (…He Was Circling The Drain)

The first visual from Thom Yorke’s ANIMA is a masterpiece. Directed by Art Camp & Saad Moosajee, the visual features a variety of animation techniques (16mm film, 3D and cel animation) and was created with a team of animators, designers, and videomaker.
The thousands of hand-illustrated frames were inspired by Yorke’s dreams showing the isolation and alienation of an individual in the modern life.
At its core, our intention was to communicate the experience of feeling completely on your own, surrounded by people you see yourself in but don’t understand, who have lost their minds to the city and can’t see that you need their help.”

HAIM – Now I’m In It 

Paul Thomas Anderson (Thom Yorke’s frequent collaborator) has directed the new video for HAIM’s latest single Now I’m In It. After seeing it, we got an idea of how to deal with our depressive moments: enter a car wash and let the brushes take everything away.

Jacques Greene – Stars

Last Friday Jacques Greene has released his sophomore album Dawn Chorus and now takes us on a journey at full speed “between the road and the stars” in this new black and white video directed by Mathieu Fortin which is the sequel to Do It Without You.

Toro Y Moi – Soul Trash

Ending this column with a Toro Y Moi video, we complete the circle. His new short film Soul Trash accompanies the mixtape dropped early this year and is a mixture of home and tour footage.

10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
10 videos you need in your life this week
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FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE

FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE

Giulia Guido · 3 months ago · Music

Electronic nuances, ballads and even a cappella song reminiscent of religious songs. This and much more can be found in the new and highly anticipated FKA twigs album. It’s called MAGDALENE not by chance since for its realization the English artist was inspired by Mary Magdalene, one of the most controversial figures, always at the side of Jesus, but gone down in history with negative meanings as concubine and prostitute. This is the start of a broader journey that explores and honors the female figure free from stereotypes, impositions, and clichés. 

“A woman’s time to embrace
She must put herself first.”

MAGDALENE was anticipated by the release of 4 singles: Cellophane, Holy Terrain, Home With You and Sad Days, accompanied by a music video and the publication of Matthew Stone‘s artwork on the cover, which consists of a portrait of the same FKA twigs made in the typical style of the English artist composed of large brushstrokes and undefined shapes. 

Listen below MAGDALENE and watch the videos of the singles, you will be transported in an ethereal dimension! 

FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE
FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE
FKA twigs is back with the highly anticipated MAGDALENE
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Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single

Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single

Collater.al Contributors · 3 months ago · Music

For some time now, Kanye West has been introducing a religious strand into his life. A sort of path of redemption and purification for the rapper of Atlanta.

The turning point in the Christian religion has meant so much to him, so much so that it has become the main element of the new album Jesus Is King and that it aims to seal definitive intercourse with God.

The music contained in this record refers to gospel from the very first moment, and it is no coincidence that it is precisely the Sunday Service choir, celebrated by Kanye during a course in Calabasas, to inaugurate his last studio work.
But let’s get to the single: to publicize the video of the first extract, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, published parts of the video trailer in her Instagram stories.

The fundamental element of the track is Kanye’s invitation to be followers of Christ by revisiting the religious themes of his previous Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 of 2006.
The song, which also uses the 1974 sample of Can You Lose By Following God by Whole Truth, urges us not to give in, despite the fact that life is full of obstacles and dark moments.
Filmed in Wyoming, the video presents Kanye with his father Ray West. The two walk through a snowy plain until they reach a waiting ATV. The two of them wonder about an important theme in American history: the slavery of blacks and institutional racism, which has always been one of the most important cultural problems in the country.

The meeting between the two takes place where Kanye West usually takes refuge to find inspiration for his work. One could say that this place is for him almost a mausoleum of creativity, a spiritual place where he retires to concentrate better.
The video footage was deliberately shot in a place that is far from Hollywood America, often represented by colleagues. Kanye, in fact, besides being emotionally tied to that place, decided to shoot the video in a real reality far from the spotlight and the chaos that characterizes the big American cities as if to make everything a little more intimate, a real chat between father and son.

After watching the video of West “Follow God” you can listen to Jesus Is King below!

Text by Anna Cardaci

Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single
Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single
Follow God, the video of Kanye West’s new single
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Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty

Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty

Claudia Maddaluno · 3 months ago · Music

Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty‘s latest album is the crown jewel of Italian hip-hop.
It’s titled “La Soluzione” and comes after their first collaborative project with “Terapia di gruppo”, released in 2018.

The album confirms the talent of this project, mixing different influences form black music to Italian rap and jazz.
Its eight tracks slide very lightly inside our ears, even though they include many different themes and moods, talking about love, or the uncertainties of the future, all the problems of today’s musicians and, of course, the solutions.

We met the funk collective to find out more about their latest release.

Hi guys, we are very curious to know how “La Soluzione” was born. What are the problems that brought you here and what solution did you find?

This record was born spontaneously, in the strictest sense of the word.
The previous experience of “Terapia di gruppo” has physiologically intensified both the relationships between us and the artistic harmony. “LA Soluzione” is the awareness of being on the right path and having overcome the storm.
It was born in the downtime between one date and another of our recent tour and it was impossible to stop the flow, so here we are again!

We can find so many different moods and genres in your album. Is there an album that most inspired you during the creation?

Mac Miller’s Swimming has already inspired our previous album and it’s still one of our current listenings. However, you can find our latest inspirations by catching the samples used in “La Soluzione”.

About the creative process, how do Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty work together in a studio session?

We don’t have a fixed scheme: some ideas could come out like a rabbit out of a hat. So, Natty Dub pulled some samples out of his pocket, Jeremy followed him with his bass lines and Davide joined with his songwriting. But this is an example, basically, we let it be the inspiration to guide us.

What’s your favorite track of the album?

“La Soluzione”, of course. It’s the most representative track of the album both for how it treats its concept, and for its classic sound that does not remain anchored to classicism as a musical scheme.

Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty
Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty
Our interview with Funk Shui Project and Davide Shorty
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