3 essential new albums you should listen to right now 

9 October 2019

Check out our top 3 albums out last Friday.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Angel Olsen’s “All Mirrors” is a poetic and solemn album that boils with majestic synths and threatening violins from the beginning. And yet, in all this vehemence Olsen’s tenderness becomes space, with a voice so lunar and so composed that it manages to keep all things in its place, avoiding chaos.
All Mirrors sounds like a sturm und drang poem that explodes in desperate arrangements, orchestral deliriums, and emotional storms, but after destabilizing it gives you a new balance.
It seems that Olsen herself has found her balance between spring and winter, heaven and hell.

Sabrina Claudio – Truth Is

If only I could slice my skin, try to align my fingerprints, I’d know exactly what it is you feel.”

Sabrina Claudio’s new album has a much darker atmosphere than the previous “No Rain, No Flowers“. The R&B singer solidifies her smooth style while the songwriting suggests her new approach to the music: she is much more aware of herself now and faces all her troubles, taking the risk of telling the most bitter truths.

Wilco – Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy” is a record that knocks us on the floor reflecting on the disasters of the modern world. It has almost nothing like joy, but it’s rather a lifeboat to avoid drowning in the dark waters in which we navigate.
Listening to that creative sound, discovering blunt songwriting, and taking refuge in those melancholy guitars and soft ballads gives us some comfort.
So this could be the way to joy.


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